SNRG hearts me to

January 22, 2012
Hi Guys!

 So if you follow me you know I made a video highlighting my new fave group SNRG. I posted the video on my Facebook fan page (the link to that can be found on my contact page on my site) and tagged the group in it, and guess what.....they commented on it!!!! ^_^ Don't believe me here is proof!!!

Not only did they comment but they also shared it on their page as well that means other people are looking at my videos and lets be honest right now not too many people watch KrazyPrincess productions lol. Its just kool to know that someone I admire saw my work and liked it and its even better that they are sharing it with others. Not gonna lie ego is boosted!!! but anyway gotta go its kinda late so I will talk to you guys later

The EvaLuvable

Kindergartners are funny

January 15, 2012

So I just recently started working again (Yaay!!!) and I am a teacher's assistant. I help with the kindergartners and let me tell you I wish I could record these kids because they say the darn-est things lol. I had one little girl talk about my boobs in espanol, one little girl keeps calling me Tori Vega from the show "Victorious", and they are all amazed with my hair and nail polish color. 

I mean its nice to have their admiration, but at the same time they talk too much and are too hard...
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January 2, 2012
It's here!!

 Finally its 2012 a brand new year a new start maybe the end of the world? lol

No but seriously I love when the new year starts it makes you reflect on all the changes the previous year brought, and there have been quite a few for me. I have no big resolution just to stay true to myself and to stay strong through the hardships that I know are coming my way.

I also want this year to be my most creative year yet.I want more videos, more photos, and more blog updates. And can I please g...

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My *new* Attitude

December 29, 2011
Ok so I used to kinda be a mean person or so I was told but over the past few months I have transformed my attitude. I pride myself on being "real" and telling it like it is but the way I would come off to people was aggressive, angry, and mean which by the way isn't at all what I wanted people to see from me. So I worked on it and have become a more pleasant person, still the truth teller I have always been, but less aggressive.

The problem is I have changed but others around me haven't. One ...
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Single ME!

December 22, 2011

So I know its been forever since my last post and a whole lot has changed
1.) I have no job- which sux horribly! I mean whats a girl to do with no money I need to feed my shopping addiction! lol
2.) I'm about to start school- Not sure what my major will be for certain but I'm strongly leaning towards photography
3.) I'm single- Yep its true after four long years I was dumped :-( 

Not such a great feeling being dumped especially when you really love that person but I guess that's life what ...
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When to let a friendship go?

April 18, 2011

Hello my Luvs!

I'm just here sitting at my computer looking at some of my Facebook friends status and one caught my eye.It was by someone I considered myself really close to awhile back but now its like we are pretty much strangers, enemies you could even say sometimes. How it got like this is a very long story but what I'm really kinda worried about is weather or not I should try to still be friends with this person.We have mutual friends that makes it difficult, and the memories of the car...

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Am I the Villain?

March 28, 2011

I kinda look at my life as a Story, and in my story I'm the cool rouge rebel hero who plays by her own rules, but these days I have just been feeling like I'm on the wrong side of the law. I have been quiet, isolated, and sometimes cold, and these are adjectives not commonly used to describe me. In movies most bad guys are withdrawn quiet isolated people who stay that way to keep their evil plans undetected, I mean I don't have evil plans but sometimes I do have evil thoughts. I know this sou...

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new can be a good thing

March 19, 2011

Hey Everyone!

So a lot of new things have been coming into my life lately; A new couch, a new doctor, a new hairstyle, but the two new things I'm most excited about is my new job and my trying some new food lol

I just got hired as a hostess at this sports grille and bar ( I don't won't to give the name don't want to get in trouble lol) and I'm super excited. I have been struggling for sometime to find a new job since I got laid off of my old one which was at this placed called ecompex which...

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A new begining

March 12, 2011


Long time no see right!! lol I have been away too too long. Whats been keeping me away you ask?....LIFE! lol its been crazy for me these last couple of months.I had a job, I lost the job. My friendships have been rocky and my relationship was falling apart. I have just kinda lost myself in the process of trying to grow up.

I have all these dreams and aspirations but the truth is I lost sight of them trying to reach the attainable instead of going for what makes me happy. I would even...

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not what I expected

July 10, 2010
Hey everybody!

You all know that I have started my new job....and its kool I mean It not a hard job or anything its just a bit quiet in there like a graveyard lol. and staring at the computer and sitting in the office chair is killing my back! but hey gotta make the cash so I can get right lol well just wanted to update you a bit.

Love you guys
The EvaLuvable
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