Long time no see right!! lol I have been away too too long. Whats been keeping me away you ask?....LIFE! lol its been crazy for me these last couple of months.I had a job, I lost the job. My friendships have been rocky and my relationship was falling apart. I have just kinda lost myself in the process of trying to grow up.

I have all these dreams and aspirations but the truth is I lost sight of them trying to reach the attainable instead of going for what makes me happy. I would even say that I have been discouraged from being myself because it threatens others, but no more! No more hiding or being ashamed of myself. I'm going to do what makes me happy no questions asked and most importantly I'm going to get my life to where I want it to be not where others think I should be!!

So be ready to hear somethings that you may or may not agree with but they will be ideas and opinions from me, the one, the only........