Hey Everyone!

So a lot of new things have been coming into my life lately; A new couch, a new doctor, a new hairstyle, but the two new things I'm most excited about is my new job and my trying some new food lol

I just got hired as a hostess at this sports grille and bar ( I don't won't to give the name don't want to get in trouble lol) and I'm super excited. I have been struggling for sometime to find a new job since I got laid off of my old one which was at this placed called ecompex which had some nice people there but basically screwed over the people who did most of the work. This is my first time doing anything in the restaurant world and it makes me kind of nervous but I'm anxious and ready to learn a set of new skills. Oh yeah and did I mention the best part my bff works there too!!! TOO TOO TOO EXCITED about that. You know I will update you further on my progress at this new job.

I also got to try some new food this week. Me my sisters and my younger sisters friend ( who was visiting for spring-break) got a chance to try 2 new food dishes. The first was a chill half smoke from the famous Ben's chili bowl in Washington DC......it was GOOOOODDDDD!!! I love it and if it wasn't like $6 for one I probably would take a tip there every week. The 2nd thing I had was some Korean food. We went to a Korean buffet where they cooked the meat right at our table and we helped ourselves to all the side dishes which included sushi, shrimp tempura, chicken, among many other delicious things. Everything I tried was awesome especially the bulgogi it was Divine  :)  here are some pics


To see more photos go to the picture section of my site. Well I will talk to you guys later and update you on many more new things that happen in my life.


The EvaLuvable