I kinda look at my life as a Story, and in my story I'm the cool rouge rebel hero who plays by her own rules, but these days I have just been feeling like I'm on the wrong side of the law. I have been quiet, isolated, and sometimes cold, and these are adjectives not commonly used to describe me. In movies most bad guys are withdrawn quiet isolated people who stay that way to keep their evil plans undetected, I mean I don't have evil plans but sometimes I do have evil thoughts. I know this sounds kinda weird but it seems that i have slowly morphed into a villain in my story.

Why? ....What has made the Hero switch teams?

You know what I have no idea, I wish I did. The days where I was the hero were some of the best times of my life, and lets be real nobody wants to be the bad guy everyone wants to be the hero and feel like they have done something amazing, and most importantly will I stay this way forever? Will I ever return to the side of justice and goodness? Who knows I guess we will find that out in the next chapter.

To be continued....