Hello my Luvs!

I'm just here sitting at my computer looking at some of my Facebook friends status and one caught my eye.It was by someone I considered myself really close to awhile back but now its like we are pretty much strangers, enemies you could even say sometimes. How it got like this is a very long story but what I'm really kinda worried about is weather or not I should try to still be friends with this person.We have mutual friends that makes it difficult, and the memories of the caring and fun person they use to be towards me is still fresh in my mind but its been so back and forth lately I don't know if that is enough to keep me being their friend. I know people have to deal with stuff like this when dealing with relationships but I didn't know you could go through all this over a friendship. I'm so confused and wish I could figure things out hopefully things will become more clear to me in the near future.

but other  than that drama everything has been great this new job is taking up all my free time but I promise I will try my hardest to keep the pics and vids coming so bear with me luvs until next time


The EvaLuvable