Welcome to my site! Where you can keep up with me and all the projects I have going on. You can see exclusive pics, videos, and my blog. LOVE.LIVE.LAUGH!!

~ The EvaLuvable 

UPDATE 6/12/2012

Hey everyone!

Here it is!!!

My new music video "EvaLuv in Wonderland" aka "What you waiting for?" Cover. I'm so excited to share this with you all and hope you all enjoy it!


Now don't think this is all your getting from me there is also the Kimchi's music box project coming really soon, and I just talked to my boy Shy and we are arranging more "Rant" episodes, but until then please enjoy this video its got #kawaiiswag all up in it lol.Thanks

 Lots of love xoxo

The EvaLuvable

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