Ok so I used to kinda be a mean person or so I was told but over the past few months I have transformed my attitude. I pride myself on being "real" and telling it like it is but the way I would come off to people was aggressive, angry, and mean which by the way isn't at all what I wanted people to see from me. So I worked on it and have become a more pleasant person, still the truth teller I have always been, but less aggressive.

The problem is I have changed but others around me haven't. One of the reasons I was aggressive was because I used it as a defense mechanism. I needed people to know that I don't take no crap and not to try to feed me BS cause I will chew it up and spit it in your face. Now that the shield is gone I feel like people are taking advantage of that. My first instinct is to drop that person as a friend but I don't want to lose or hurt the people who are important to me, but I'm on another page mentally now and its not fun stressing and arguing over things that can't be changed.

I really don't know how to handle this situation and its weighing heavy on my heart. What to do when you out grow your friends?

until next time, don't forget to LOVE.LIVE.LAUGH

 The EvaLuvable