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SNRG hearts me to

Posted by The EvaLuvable on Sunday, January 22, 2012, In : personal 
Hi Guys!

 So if you follow me you know I made a video highlighting my new fave group SNRG. I posted the video on my Facebook fan page (the link to that can be found on my contact page on my site) and tagged the group in it, and guess what.....they commented on it!!!! ^_^ Don't believe me here is proof!!!

Not only did they comment but they also shared it on their page as well that means other people are looking at my videos and lets be honest right now not too many people watch KrazyPrincess pro...
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Kindergartners are funny

Posted by The EvaLuvable on Sunday, January 15, 2012, In : personal 

So I just recently started working again (Yaay!!!) and I am a teacher's assistant. I help with the kindergartners and let me tell you I wish I could record these kids because they say the darn-est things lol. I had one little girl talk about my boobs in espanol, one little girl keeps calling me Tori Vega from the show "Victorious", and they are all amazed with my hair and nail polish color. 

I mean its nice to have their admiration, but at the same time they talk too much and are too hard...
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Posted by The EvaLuvable on Monday, January 2, 2012,
It's here!!

 Finally its 2012 a brand new year a new start maybe the end of the world? lol

No but seriously I love when the new year starts it makes you reflect on all the changes the previous year brought, and there have been quite a few for me. I have no big resolution just to stay true to myself and to stay strong through the hardships that I know are coming my way.

I also want this year to be my most creative year yet.I want more videos, more photos, and more blog updates. And can I please g...

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