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My *new* Attitude

Posted by The EvaLuvable on Thursday, December 29, 2011, In : personal 
Ok so I used to kinda be a mean person or so I was told but over the past few months I have transformed my attitude. I pride myself on being "real" and telling it like it is but the way I would come off to people was aggressive, angry, and mean which by the way isn't at all what I wanted people to see from me. So I worked on it and have become a more pleasant person, still the truth teller I have always been, but less aggressive.

The problem is I have changed but others around me haven't. One ...
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Single ME!

Posted by The EvaLuvable on Thursday, December 22, 2011, In : personal 

So I know its been forever since my last post and a whole lot has changed
1.) I have no job- which sux horribly! I mean whats a girl to do with no money I need to feed my shopping addiction! lol
2.) I'm about to start school- Not sure what my major will be for certain but I'm strongly leaning towards photography
3.) I'm single- Yep its true after four long years I was dumped :-( 

Not such a great feeling being dumped especially when you really love that person but I guess that's life what ...
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